As public holidays are not always declared in advance, the Admin can go back and edit a public holiday to insert the exact dates as follows:

  • Under Settings > Configuration > Company and expand the Holiday Calendar icon¬†

  • Select the Holiday Calendar you wish to edit and use the edit icon to adjust a specific public holiday on the list.¬†

  • Make the change to the date range. You will be notified that this change will affect the number of days for certain employees who have applied for time off during that period

How does that affect existing leave requests falling on a public holiday?

The platform will recalculate the days taken for any leaves applied that are affected by that change made to the number of days or date range of the public holiday.

This automatic re-calculation for public holiday adjustments will only take place under these conditions:

  1. Existing leave requests should be in the current or a future leave cycle as the system will not recalculate days from the previous leave cycle

  2. Restriction for editing should be turned on for the time off that particular time off policy

The admin is given an option to send out an email to all the employees who were affected.

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