You can set up multiple public holiday calendars for your company. These holidays include any public holidays and company-specific leave days you offer your employees that are not counted toward their leave days. 

How will it affect employee leaves?

  • If you follow a Working Days leave policy, only business days are counted as days of leave. Weekends and company holidays (those on the public holiday calendar) do not count as used leave. 

  • The calendars are linked to the residence location of employees. For example, employees residing in UAE will follow the UAE Holiday Calendar vs. employees residing in India will be linked to the India Holiday Calendar.

How to set up your holiday calendar?

  • Under Settings > Configuration > Company, expand the Holiday Calendars section

  • Click on Add New and select the country for which you want to activate your default public holiday list (UAE selected below). 

  • A list will be populated in compliance with the UAE Labor Law which can be edited after set up by clicking on any of the edit icons. You can also add additional company specific days for this calendar by clicking on Add New (example, 25th of December for all UAE employees).

  • To add multiple lists of country specific public holidays, click on Add New, select the country and make edits as needed in the same way. 

To activate the automatic deduction of public holiday days from an employee's leaves, you must first restrict editing of leaves on the leave policy setting to enable auto-deduction of holidays.

To do so:

  • Under Settings > Configuration > Time Off Policies, click on the edit icon of the individual leave policy you would like to restrict editing for

  • Click on the menu icon of the time off policy > Edit policy and select the 'Restrict editing of leave days' option to restrict employees from adjusting the total number of days auto-computed by the platform when they select the date range of their leave request


  • Automatic calculation of leave days to incorporate public/company holidays is only possible for policies that follow Working Days
    (Learn more: Calendar vs. Working Days)

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