In additional to the payroll table and reimbursement requests report on the platform, we can customize and generate the below payroll related reports from the additional data stored and gathered.

1. Variable Pay Report

How can this help you?

Identify amounts paid out in variable pay to specific employees and sum of non-fixed expenses to employees within a period of time.

  • Which employees have received any form of variable pay within a specific period?

  • How often do particular employees receive variable pay of any kind? 

  • Which is the highest paid out category of variable pay? How much?

  • What are the total lump sums paid out for each of the variable pay categories?

2. Reimbursement Breakdown Report

How can this help you?

Identify frequency and trends associated with reimbursement payments.

  • Which employees request for the most reimbursements and for which type?

  • Which is the highest paid out reimbursement type among all employees?

  • How many employees have requested/claimed a particular type of reimbursement?

  • How often is a particular type/category requested to be reimbursed? 

  • Which client has the highest requests associated with them by number and amount?

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