Now that you've customized your payroll variables, you can import all your existing employee payroll data into Bayzat Benefits to be uploaded into their individual profiles.

  • Go to Settings, Configuration, select the Payroll tab and click on the Download Excel button as shown below
  • Fill in the Payroll sheet with employee salary details, select the appropriate payment method and add bank details for each employee.¬†
  • Upon completion, upload the sheet back onto Bayzat Benefits as shown below

Updated employee payroll details can now be viewed under individual employee profiles.

  • Under Employee Records, click on View Team and select any employee
  • Click on the Payroll tab to view the monthly payroll. You can make adjustments to any of the editable fields as shown below.

To view the full payroll table with all the information you uploaded, click on the main Payroll tab on the navigation panel.

For additional information on how our Payroll Module functions visit our Admin Tutorials for the Payroll Module 

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