There are multiple ways you can add employees on Bayzat Benefits. This article shows you how to create employee records by mass uploading all the data you have using an excel upload file.

Step 1: Under Employee Records, click on Add Employees 

Step 2: Select the first option, and click on Upload Excel Sheet as shown below

Step 3: Download the Excel Template

Step 4: Fill in the requested employee data as shown below. Please make sure you follow the excel format while entering the fields. 

NOTE: Leave the following fields blank as they are extracted from Employee Documents using our OCR technology in the next step:

  • Nationality
  • Date of Birth
  • Gender
  • Passport Number and Expiry Date
  • Emirates ID Number and Expiry Date
  • UAE Visa UID (Unified ID) and Expiry Date

Step 4: Upload the completed excel sheet back onto Bayzat Benefits to convert your data and create employee profiles

Step 5: Click on View Team to view all the new employee profiles created using the data you have uploaded

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