Never manually send out employee salaries and waste hours calculating commission rates again —Bayzat Benefits automates this and more, so you have time to focus on the business development tasks that matter. 

Rollout salaries without fuss

Stuck working out detailed payment plans on excel? Dreading the end of each month when you must complete yet another excel-sheet worth of salaries, commission and remuneration that keeps growing with every new employee? 

Our platform equips you with all the tools you need to run payroll for your Bayzat Benefits employee members. All their profile details and information will be automatically transferred from their uploaded employee records—the only thing that’s left is to track and review any remuneration requests made before the month’s end. 

Pay slips 

Pay slips don’t have to be paper-driven. We help you and your employees keep a perfect record of all payments with our automated pay slip information notifications. 

Pay slips are auto generated to all company employees once closing payrun at months end. 


Keeping tabs on your gratuity liabilities can be a tedious process. Leave it with Bayzat Benefits — we’ll automatically review and update employee gratuities so you don’t have to. The data will be ready whenever it’s needed. 

Reimbursement Requests Management

Managing a whirlwind of reimbursement requests doesn’t have to be a drag. Bayzat Benefits ensures you have full control of, and visibility into, all pending reimbursements. You’ll never forget or be late for repayment again! 

The result: happy colleagues that get their money back on time. 

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