Bayzat Benefits serves both HR professionals and employees by offering a fast and easy approach to managing daily HR activities. Our self service mobile application empowers employees with the information and tools to manage their own benefits from anywhere and at any time.

Our platform automates a range of HR functions highlighted below that save you effort, time and money.

Employee Records

Storing, managing and organizing employee data and files in a single location.

  • Employee Directory
  • Comprehensive employee profiles
  • Document expiry tracker
  • Shared team access

Time Off 

Automated leave management process, with online requests and balance calculations. 

  • Online leave requests for all leave types
  • Automated leave adjustments and balance calculations
  • Email notifications to managers and employees


  • Easily submit and approve reimbursement requests
  • Close payrun and generate employee payslips 

Health Insurance

  • Insurance policy navigation and network list coverage 

Employee Self-Service:

  • Shared mobile access with managers and employees 

Across all modules, data security is a core focal point of ours. This is why we are hyper focused on ensuring strict adherence to all necessary security measures starting with the implementation of bank level encryption. 

Each of the functions are discussed in detail in the following features section.

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