The extra hours worked compensation requests by employees assigned to an overtime policy, deduction policy, or a day in lieu policy will reflect under the Time and Pay Adjustment section of the Attendance tab.

For all extra hours worked compensation requests in the Pending Requests section, an HR manager with Super Admin access on the platform can -

  • Reject - if the request should be declined, even after line manager approval

  • Assign to Payroll - if the request should be an addition or deduction in salary

  • Assign to Time Off - if the request should be added as days in lieu in time off

Once the request is approved, it moves to the Approved section and the HR manager can still decline an approved request or move back the request to pending as shown below -

Once a compensation request is approved and processed, the Processed section includes no actions to be taken.

This stage includes all requests that are -

  • Paid to the employee (if assigned to payroll)

  • Added to the employee's leave balance (if it is days in lieu)

All rejected requests by HR manager, will be in the Rejected section. They can move these 'rejected requests' back to the 'pending stage' if required.

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