Bayzat has partnered with Lifeworks to provide well-being and mental health support for users who have mental health benefit as part of their insurance policies.

What can users do?

  • Access articles explaining various aspects of mental health (happiness, therapy, etc.)

  • Take a one-time self assessment.

  • Chat with advisors on WhatsApp.

  • Book online session with certified therapists (paid).

Who can access?

Clients who have placed their group health insurance through Bayzat with a policy that includes mental health benefit can access this feature.

How to access?

This feature can be accessed from the mobile app only. The Health services dashboard will have the Improve your well-being widget.

Once within this section, a user will be able to -

  1. Access articles

  2. Take assessments

  3. Chat with advisors

Taking the self assessment - once per user

On the well-being homepage, clicking on Take a short assessment will start a questionnaire with 12 assessment questions.

Please Note - If the user has already taken an assessment, they will be seeing their results instead of the 'take assessment' option.

About the Assessment

  1. The assessment questions follow a General Health Questionnaire-12 (GHQ-12) format which is a unique and extensively used self-report instrument for evaluating psychological disorders and strains.

  2. Results are scored out of 12.

Please Note - Assessment results are confidential and are not shared with your company or HR.

Chat with advisors on WhatsApp

  • On the well-being homepage you will also see the Chat with Advisors card.

  • Clicking on this card will open the chat support contact on your WhatsApp application.

  • You can chat with one of the advisors for free.

Please Note - The WhatsApp chat number is a dedicated chat number provided for Bayzat users only.

Book online therapy at discounted rates

Within the chat with advisors section, users who have completed the assessment will be able to see a list of qualified psychiatrists and therapists.

You can view details of each specialist as you scroll down the page and each doctor will have a Book a therapy session button which will take you to the doctor's profile.

Doctor’s profile and booking a session

  • On the doctor's profile, you can see the languages they speak, the doctor’s background and core focus areas as well as the discounted session rates.

  • Once you select the doctor you like and proceed with Book a session, you have the option to choose In person visit or Online session with the doctor.

In person visit for therapy session

Online session for therapy

If you choose to visit a doctor in person, you can select the the following and submit the request:

  • Preferred session date

  • Preferred session time

  • Your email address

All in person sessions will be held at the LifeWorks Counselling Centre (our service partner) in Al Wasl Road.

Please Note - The Counselling Centre will be closed on Fridays and public holidays.

If you choose to book an online session, you can select the the following and submit the request:

  • Preferred session date

  • Preferred session time

  • Your email address

Data Security & Confidentiality

We ensure that complete confidentiality is maintained with the information shared between an employee and an advisor/therapist.

We display the data protection card at the end of the well-being homepage for users to review.

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