To register with Al Ansari Exchange (AAE), we will require the following documents:

  1. Copy of Valid trade license(s).
  2. Copy of updated MOL list(s). For Freezone companies - your Freezone List
  3. Copy of a completed AAE company registration form(s), signed and stamped.
  4. A copy of passport with Visa page or EID of the signatory. Power of Attorney is required if the signatory is other than anyone mentioned on the Trade license. 
  5. For companies with multiple trade licenses: a copy of a relationship letter (see below) is required listing all trade licenses to be processed via AAE
  • Upon receiving your complete documents, we will send it to AAE keeping you on cc in the email request. You will receive a confirmation email (template and process below) once the registration is complete within 24 - 48 hours.
  • Salaries will be credited into bank accounts of banked employees upon providing their bank details. Unbanked employees will receive PayPlus ATM cards within 20 working days to withdraw their salaries. In the absence of the PayPlus ATM cards, registered employees can present an original copy of their Emirates ID or Passport, to withdraw their salaries.
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