Watch the video below to learn how to:

  • submit requests to add new employees to your health insurance on Bayzat

  • track the progress of all your requests and get updates on completion dates

Step 1

Go to the Endorsements, click on New Addition, select the employee without Health Insurance.

  • The Submitted column indicates the date the endorsement was submitted to Bayzat on the platform.

  • The Effective date column indicates the estimate date the endorsement is expected to be completed by. If the effective date has the changed, the info icon will appear. Hover over it to see the reason for change (Second image below).


In employee profile, go to Health Insurance, select No and select the policy your employee should be on.

Step 2

Upload the required documents - if you’ve already uploaded them while creating the employee profile, then you don’t need to upload them again! Templates are available for the following:

  • Medical Application Forms

  • Salary certificates

  • Letter of reason

Step 3

Add in the requisite details. If you would require a COI, or like to add further details, enter them in the comment box below.

Step 4

Go back to Endorsements to track your additions.


You can now save drafts of every endorsement request you make, so that you can work on it later. Please make sure you click on the Save as Draft option to ensure your work is saved.

Once everything is finalized, you can come back to the Endorsements page and click on Continue Submission to complete the endorsement process.

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