1. What do I do if I am already processing with UAE Exchange for more than a month?

On Bayzat Benefits, adjust employee payment methods for all your employees who were earlier paid via UAE Exchange to Cash, Cheque, Bank, or any other Exchange house. Click here to learn how to change the payment method for a single employee. If you want to change the payment method for all your employees in bulk, please click here.

2. I have an existing CRN request raised with UAE Exchange for my un-banked employee/s, what is the status on this request?

Please be informed that the request will no longer be carried forward. You will have to register your employees with a new exchange house other than UAE Exchange.

3. How do I change the payment method from UAE Exchange to  Cash/Check/Bank/Other Exchange House for all my employees?

Click here to learn how to change the payment method for more than 1 employee, in bulk.
Click here to learn how to change it for a single employee.

4. What should I do if I am awaiting CRN number and/or smart pay cards for my employees?

Please be informed that UAE Exchange will not fulfill this request. You will have to register these employees with a new exchange house or pay them directly via cash or cheque. 

5. What should I do if I have processed payroll this month with UAE Exchange and still awaiting funds transfer confirmation from UAE Exchange?

Our team can assist you in getting a refund for your SIF amounts. Please send an email payrollsupport@bayzat.com with your proof of payment attached in the email and we will arrange for a refund process

6. I processed a SIF file a few days ago and one of my employees has not yet received the salary amount?

Please send an email with employee name, amount and proof of payment attachment to payrollsupport@bayzat.com and our team will check this with UAE Exchange. If UAE Exchange confirms that it was not processed, we shall arrange for a refund from UAE Exchange for that amount. If payment has been made and confirmed by UAE Exchange that it is already processed, please ask your employee to check with any of the UAE Exchange branches directly. 

7. How do I process for this month from now onward for employees I was paying through UAE Exchange?

Please follow the below steps:

Step 1:

For Banked employees:

  • Change the payment method for your employees from UAE Exchange to some other Bank, Cash or Cheque on Bayzat Benefits. Click here to learn how. 

For Un-banked Employees:

  • Change the payment method for your employees from UAE Exchange to some Cash, Cheque or Other Exchange House. Click here to learn how.

Note: If selecting “Other Exchange House” then you'll need to first register any un-banked employees with the new exchange house if they are not yet registered prior to changing the method online. 

Step 2:

Click Submit Transaction on Payroll and Close the Payrun for the month. Click on the links to learn how. 

Step 3: 

Download the SIF file from the Transactions page and send it for processing to your Bank or new exchange house.

8. Will this affect withdrawal of money from existing smart pay cards? 

No, this won’t affect usage of Smart Pay Cards. You can still withdraw money using ATM or any UAE Exchange Branch.

9. Now that UAE Exchange is not processing payroll, what are the other options?

Bayzat is currently in process of setting payroll processing up with Al Ansari Exchange developing a more enhanced experience for our esteemed clients. Your dedicated customer success manager will be able to give you more insights into this when ready.

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