What is Accrued Leave?

Accrued leave is when employee leave days accumulate over time and are added to their balance in accordance with the pay period (ie. at the completion of every month).

For example, if your policy for vacation leave is 24 days every year, employees will earn a total of 2 days every month, so at month 6 they would have accrued 12 days of their total entitlement of 24.

How does it work on Bayzat?

We automatically calculate how much leave has been accrued for each employee and all employees will have visibility into how much time off they've accrued at the time of submitting each leave request. 

  • Accrued days per month = total number of days per year / 12 

Steps to set up an accrual leave policy:

  1. Under Configuration, select Time Off and click on Add New to fill in the details and rules of your new leave policy
  2. Insert the Name, Allowance Type and the Total Number of Days employees get within this type of leave according to the number of days applicable to that specific leave policy
    Note: the number of days set here can be changed upon activation at the employee level
  3. Select "accrues on a monthly basis" from the drop down option which provides the breakdown per month

Additional customization:

  • Enable negative balances if you want employees to be able to request and use more days than what they have accrued (the maximum being the number of contract days)
  • Enable carry forward of days from one cycle to the next if days have not been fully consumed during the cycle
  • Restrict employees who are on probation from applying for this type of leave

Steps to activate a policy for employees:

  1. In the employee profile, under Time Off, scroll right to the specific time off policy you just created and click on Setup to and confirm the details

Once you've set up the policy, both Admin and Employee will see the Available Balance with further details as of current date by clicking on the icon symbol as shown below

How does a leave request work with accrual?

  • When an employee puts in the date range for their leave request, they will be shown how much time off they would've accrued on the first day of their leave
  • Unless Negative Leave Balances are allowed, employees will not be able to request more time off than accrued at the time of the leave
  • If an employee submits a request while under probation, approvers are notified on the request as shown below even if the policy isn't restricted during probation

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