Next, you need to upload all your employee documents and store them within each employee profile.

Why upload documents?

- Store all employee data and documents in one place to save time and effort
- Track and plan for document renewals and avoid fines

Watch the video to learn how:

Step 1: Under Employee Records, click on Import Documents. Drag and drop documents to upload onto Bayzat Benefits (passports, emirates IDs, residency visas or any other document)
Note: You can upload a maximum of 20 documents at a time

Step 2: Click on Assign documents 

Step 3: Verify the data extracted and select who the document belongs to from the employee drop down list. Employee list is populated from the records created in the previous step. Save and Finish.
Note: If assigning a document to a new employee, you can select New Employee from the list to create a new record. 

Continue to assign all the documents uploaded to the respective employees.

Step 4: To access the documents you uploaded, go to the individual employee profile under View Team and click on the Documents tab. 

To start building employee profiles on Bayzat Benefits, click here. 

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