On Bayzat you can close 2 types payruns:

1) Run Payroll - All pay items and all employees are paid at same time and a new month opens.

  • Make sure all employees are selected from the check box selection field and all pay items are checked on the pay components filter as shown above.

2) Custom Payroll - Paying only some of the pay-items or only some employees. The current payroll month remains open. You can run multiple custom payrolls in a single month.

  • Select the employees you wish to close payrun for or select the components from the salary breakdown filter for those items you wish to include/exclude from the custom payrun. 

Whether you close a single payrun or custom, you will be directed to the following:
1- Review pending requests and additions prior to closing

2- Summary page of pay details for the selected payrun

3- Employees or pay items closed for the month will be marked as PaidIf payment is for Salary & Allowances, it will be marked as paid while if payment for Variable Pay components ONLY, those items will be reset to 0 in the table after payment.

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