With Bayzat Benefit's Leave Calendar, you can easily track who is out of the office and when across the team. All leave requests are automatically placed on the calendar giving you an instant view on all employee leave requests with a snapshot summary of each.

How does the calendar work?

The calendar shows a monthly view of all requests that have been submitted by employees as shown above for all leave types where,

  • Green = accepted leave requests
  • Yellow = pending leave requests

Placing your mouse cursor on any of the leaves will show you more details about that particular request. For example, as shown below, Romain has a request for 30 days of vacation and his request is still in pending status.

Clicking on any day on the calendar takes you directly to a window displaying all the requests that fall on that day, where you can easily accept/reject those in pending status. If you have a Bayzat Admin or Bayzat Manager permission, you can also click on the employee's name to view their individual time off details in the employee profile.

Manager Calendar View

Its important to note that the Line manager's calendar will only display leave requests for employees who report to them. 

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