As an active customer of Bayzat, you will receive an automated Monthly Usage Report. The report details how your company has been using Bayzat Benefits across each module that you have subscribed to.

Key Report Insights

Employee Data

  • Summary of employee statistics:
         - invited vs. registered every month
         - percentages of completed profiles

  • Stats on expired and missing mandatory employee documents

Time Off Data

  • Number of leave requests submitted for each leave type

  • Status of leave requests for each leave type

  • Duration of time under which leave requests remain pending

  • Specific managers with pending leaves to approve and their respective duration 

Payroll Data

  • Number of reimbursements submitted 

  • Status of reimbursements requests

  • Details of payroll and pay slips generated

Health App Data

  • Most common symptoms, hospitals and benefits searched for on the app

Company Documents Data

  • Details of uploaded company documents and their respective expiry dates

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