There are numerous reports we can run combining leave/time off data for your employees on Bayzat Benefits. Any of the following reports could be requested for a specific date range (historical and future):

1- Individual Leave Report

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Identify frequency and trends in a particular employee's time off

  • How often does he/she go on leave? 
  • Is there a noticeable trend in when they request sick leave? 
  • Are they always getting their leave requests rejected compared to other staff?
  • Is their assigned manager not accepting their request upon submission? 

2- Leave Type Report

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Identify frequency and trends in all leaves across the organization.

  • Which employees are out of office and when?
  • Is there an overlap in leaves that may affect workflow at a specific point in time?
  • Is a particular employee not utilizing their leave entitlement as they should in comparison to other employees/team members?
  • Is a particular employee over utilizing leave in comparison to other members?
  • Is there a specific season/time period where most employees are out of office that you need to plan for in advance?

3- Leave Status Report

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Identify trends in leaves being accepted versus rejected or unactioned upon in pending status.  

  • How often is a particular employee's leave being rejected compared to others?
  • Are there any employees given preference in leave over others?
  • Do employees actually go on leave even though their official leave request has not yet been approved?

4- Manager Approval Report

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Identify the number of leaves pending approval for each manager.

  • How long does the leave approval process take? and why?
  • Which managers need additional training in managing team requests?
  • How well is your leave policy being adhered to and implemented by managers?
  • Which teams/individual employees need follow up to get their leaves approved in time?

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