The process involves you sharing with us specific data for each of the modules you have selected and any supporting documentation you wish to see on the platform.

Below are the key steps to successfully configure your account.

Step 1: Select Modules
Specific modules you want to use on Bayzat:

  • Employee Records
  • Time off
  • Attendance
  • Payroll
  • Health Insurance

Step 2: Sign the Master Subscription Agreement (MSA)
Our MSA is a contract between Bayzat and each company using Bayzat defining key terms such as subscriptions fees (if any), length of contract and terms of use. 

Step 3: Complete Bayzat Onboarding Document shared with you
Filling in the excel sheet with specific data required to set up each module. Click here for a video on how to fill in the document.

Step 4: Upload Documents on Drive
Upload supporting employee and company documents you wish to see on the platform.  

Step 5: Configuring Account
Our configuration team will upload all the data you have shared with us onto your account upon receiving your complete records. Once we receive all final documents it takes our configuration team less than three days to configure your account. 

Step 6: Schedule Training
Our Customer Success team with get in touch with you to inform you that your account is ready and schedule training sessions for Admins and Employees as required.

Step 6: Company-wide Bayzat Launch
Your dedicated Customer Success Manager will agree with you on an official Bayzat app roll-out date and plan across your organization and provide you with support throughout your journey with Bayzat. 

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