Once all employees are trained on Bayzat Benefits, in order to ensure that the platform becomes habitual use, it is crucial to ensure that Bayzat Benefits usage is mandatory

The first step to driving habitual use is to send an email to all company employees stating the date that Bayzat Benefits usage becomes mandatory. 

Key considerations prior to sharing this email: 

  • You have gotten complete company buy in from all relevant senior stakeholders 
  • Enforcing change is always difficult. It is crucial that all senior management is aligned with the official Bayzat Benefits launch date to make sure usage moving forward is enforced 
  • All relevant company employees are fully trained and familiar with each of the required Bayzat Benefits modules 
  • Any configuration, data or product issues have been rectified by your Customer Success Manager 
  • Your Customer Success Manager will be sharing monthly usage reports with you to make sure that the organization remains active and healthy Bayzat Benefits users 

Email templates to ensure mandatory Bayzat Benefits usage:

We have drafted emailer templates that can be circulated to the employees, module dependent 

Note well: these documents need to be refined and customized to your specifications before being sent out. 

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