Defining the reporting line for leave requests can be set up at time of configuration or at a later stage. For every new employee you add, you can quickly set up the leave reporting structure.

How to fill in the Reports To section:

Every employee profile has a Reports To field in their work profile.
Reports To = Who leave requests should be sent to for each employee.
Let's use Dina Employee as an example. 

Step 1:
Go to Dina Employee Work tab and fill in the name of the Dina's manager (who will approve Dina's leave) in the reports field 

This informs the platform that every time Dina applies for a leave it will go to Romain Martin for approval.

Step 2:
If Dina Employee is also a manager and has a team herself to accept/reject leaves for, we will select the first checkbox.

Step 3:
If Dina is not the final decision maker for her team and leaves sent to her also require approval of her manager, then we will select the second checkbox.

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