Your Dashboard widgets are located on the right-hand side, it is a quick overview of your Bayzat account. 

On your Dashboard, you can quickly view:

  • Employee Directory - total number of employees added to the platform

  • Active Invitations - number of employees that have been sent an invite and not yet registered

  • Upcoming Celebrations - all upcoming employee birthdays and work anniversaries in the next 30 days

  • Upcoming Events - all upcoming New Hires and employees leaving your organization in the next 30 days

  • Missing Information & Documents - the number of employees with missing data points and key documents. Clicking on Find out Who runs the appropriate filter to show you the employees for each

  • Expiring Documents - upcoming document expires for Visa & Passport

    • Total 12 month calendar view of all employees with passports and visa expiries.

    • The first 6 months are shown by default. To see the next 6 months, click on View 6 months more.

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