We take data security very seriously. Naturally, HR departments have to store some sensitive employee information such as passports, IDs and medical records. The following are the key steps we have taken to ensure that your account remains secure at all times: 

  • Bank Level Encryption: We safeguard the data on our platform the same way banks do: using SSL 256-bit encryption. All connections and data transfers between end-user devices and our servers are encrypted

  • Platform Security: Our system and software are built with security in mind, and are resilient to most known attacks such as CSRF (cross-site request forgery), XSS (cross-site scripting) and more. We have defined security best practices in our development process to make sure that the platform is always secure

  • Cloud Storage: Cyber-attacks have become a major source of concern for small businesses and large enterprises alike. Over 3 billion records were exposed in 2016 alone. Storing information on computers puts businesses in a particularly vulnerable position. That is why we use Amazon Cloud to store our data on the cloud.

  • Restricted Access: We want to make sure that access to sensitive data is restricted to those people that absolutely need the information. That is why we have a Permissions Section where you can manage which features your employees can access. Rest assured that your data is also out of reach on our end as well: only the technical helpdesk, with your authorization, can view your information

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