You can use our OCR technology to upload all your employee documents and store them within each employee profile.

Why upload documents?

  • Store all employee data and documents in one place to save time and effort.

  • Track and plan for document renewals and avoid fines.

How to upload documents?

Step 1

Under Employee Records, click on Documents. Drag and drop to upload or simply Upload files from your device onto Bayzat (passports, emirates IDs, residency visas, or any other document).

Note: You can upload a maximum of 20 documents at a time, but overall, there is no upper limit to the number of documents you can upload on the platform.

Step 2

Click on Assign documents.

Step 3

Verify the data extracted and select who the document belongs to from the employee drop-down list. Save and Finish.

Note: If assigning a document to a new employee, you can select New Employee from the list to create a new record. 

Continue to assign all the documents uploaded to the respective employees.

Step 4

To access the documents you uploaded or to upload documents from an employee's profile itself, go to the individual employee profile under Employees and click on the Documents tab. 

  • You can upload a new document or replace the old one with a renewed document.

  • You can download, edit or delete the documents as needed.

  • You can instantly view the key identification numbers and expiries of all documents on each document card.

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