Leave Management Configuration for a New Employee

  1. Go to Employee Records -> View Team and search for an employee. 
  2. Click on his profile and select the Time-Off tab
  3. Vacation days, sick leave days or other (like maternity) can be configured here and all follow the same setup process. 

Setup Leave: 

  1. Click Setup.  Input the hiring date of the employee on the calendar that pops up. 
  2. Click Confirm
  3. Input the total number of annual leave assigned to your employee in a business year. i.e., 22 days. The system will now automatically calculate how many days Mark has accrued since joining. 
  4. Input how many days the employee has already taken if that is necessary. If not, leave the value at 0. 
  5. If your employees can carry over leave days, you can add the number to the final field. 

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