To activate the Time Off module, you first need to define your leave cycle. 

What is a leave cycle?

A leave cycle is the 12 month period on which time off (of any type) is calculated and granted to employees based on their employment contract. The start and end dates of this cycle define when leave balances are refreshed. 

There are 3 types to choose from on Bayzat Benefits:

  1. Calendar Year: Follows the standard calendar, starting on January 1st and ending on December 31st for all employees. 
  2. Custom Cycle: Follows a custom 12 months leave period that you specify to which all employees are subject. An example is 1st September - 31 August 
  3. Individual Cycle: Follows the hire date of individual employees, 12 month period starts on employee's hire date and balance is refreshed every hire date anniversary 

To set it up on the platform, follow the below steps:

  • Under Settings, select Configuration and click on the Time Off Tab
  • Choose your company leave cycle from the options and click on Select 


  1. The cycle you select will apply to all leave policies/types (vacation, sick, maternity etc) meaning that they will all refresh based on the cycle rules.
  2. The cycle will apply to all employees - you cannot have different leave cycles set up for different employees. 
  3. You cannot change the cycle at a later stage, it is a fixed setting.

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