What is Probation?

It is a trial period of employment for new employees that commonly lasts for three months, six months, or a year. You can set the length of this period in the employment contract. During probation, employees are exempt from most contractual terms, and benefits such as paid vacation are often not applicable until the employee is confirmed in their role.

How does Probation Period work on Bayzat Benefits?

For each employee, you can set the probation period by filling in the Probation End Date field on the employee work tab as shown below.

Setting probation end date has the following implications:

  • Employees under their probation period cannot apply for leave policies that have a "restrict during probation" setting. Click here to learn more about setting restricted leave policies.
  • When applying to non-restricted leave policies and leave dates fall during probation period, the employee and approvers are notified that the current leave request is submitted during probation.
  • You can extend a probation end date or change it by editing the same field on the employee work tab.

Note: Admins and Managers currently do not receive notifications upon completion of probation or when employees approach the end of their probation period.

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