Walking Through Payroll Configuration 

  1. To access your payroll configuration, navigate to: Setting -> Configuration -> Payroll.
  2. This section is divided into 4 sections: Allowances, Additions, Deductions, and Clients


The list of salaried components that will be paid out to the employees at the end of every month as per their contract. 


Reimbursement types that may be requested by an employee. 


Deduction types that can be created by the admin - i.e., a loan advance to an employee. 


List of business clients for the purpose of reimbursement. For example, an employee has paid 50 AED in gifts for a client. They can create a request citing the gift and client in order to be reimbursed for this professional purchase.

Configuring Payroll for an Employee 

  1. Either select Payroll from the left-column of your Dashboard and search for the necessary employee, or visit the employee's profile and click on the Payroll tab. 
  2. From the Payroll tab in his profile, you can configure all the necessary payroll information. 

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