Adding Employees 

  1. There are 3 ways to add employees: Bulk, Invite, and Individual Uploads

For Bulk Invitations: 

  1. After navigating to Employee Records -> Add Employees, click Excel Bulk Import.
  2. Click up Upload Excel Sheet, and on the following page, Download Excel sheet - this will give you a template for you to bulk upload your employees with. Simply replace your information with that of the template and upload the document to our system. 

For One Employee:

  1. Click Add Employee and fill in the forms
  2. Use the Import Document feature which will automatically create a new employee record for the employee. You can continue to fill in the profile from View Team.

Invite New Employees: 

  1. Here you delegate some work to the employee by sending them a message request and invitation to join. You can do this by clicking Invite Employees on the main Add Employees page. 
  2. After sending the request, the employee will receive an email link to his profile, where they will have to fill in the necessary fields. Once done, they will be added to the Team. 

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